Suikoden - Drinking contest! (source)

Suikoden - Drinking contest! (source)


Oh my god you guys since people have been posting ぺろ's art lately I got curious and decided to go look and I about flipped my shit when I saw this. You know how I am about AU!

I LOVE THIS. Suikoden characters in casual clothes. I need more.



I think it’s really a testament to good writing and storytelling that you can tell exactly how a silent protagonist is thinking and feeling in a scene like this. Throughout the whole scene, Kasumi is trying to catch up with Tir, probably hoping he’ll turn around and react to something she’s saying, and…he doesn’t do anything. He doesn’t respond, he doesn’t turn around, he just stands there and stares out the window. It really goes to show you how detached he’s made himself from other people, even the ones he used to be close with. This and the scene at the inn in Banner really serve to illustrate the kind of person he is now. 

And Kasumi’s comment on his not aging probably hit hard, and he might have actually reacted to that at least a little, or she wouldn’t be tripping over herself apologizing and getting out of the room. 

He’s quiet and distant and obviously dealing with a lot of pain and this scene hurts me physically every time I see it, bye. 

OR McDohl has his walkman plugged in. “Lol, sorry, whut did you say Kasum? Was listening to the new Scarlet Moon Chili Peppers album, it’s freaking good.”

The soldiers bears the deepest wounds and scars of war.

by ぺろ

幻水まとめ3 by しろう

Suikoden II - Official Art by Ishikawa Fumi